6 Magic Words For Writing “Killer” Copy That Always Get Clicks

Like you, people are curious. They want to know secrets, tips, and the answers to their burning questions. You may have the best articles and blog posts in the world on your website, but if your title isn’t enticing enough to make people click on it, content doesn’t matter. That’s just the way it works.

Many writers don’t write titles to get clicks. It’s just not what we’ve been taught. We want to write for art and for beauty. Writing for clicks seems almost like a sell-out to the commercial gods that want to suck your art-loving soul. But it’s not.

In fact, writing titles with clicks in mind is what will save your blog, increase your traffic, and get you the numbers publishers are looking for. Instead of burying your content under a flowery title with vague references to the material, make it easy for readers to find the posts they are looking for.

Use one of these six magical words. You’ll start getting clicks and new readers:


Using “Who” in your title will help people get connected with the movers and shakers of the world–or at least the ones relevant to your topic.

  • The 5 Agents Who Will Change Your Life
  • Who is the Real Hero of the Election?
  • Channel 9 Already Knows Who Will Win the Next Bachelor – Do You?


Your readers are curious. Give them the facts they want. They’ll give you the clicks you want.

  • What To Do When Your Book Isn’t Selling
  • What to Watch for During the State Of Origin
  • What the Olympics Really Did to the British Economy 


Are you covering time sensitive information? A sense of urgency will help compel people to click on the title and read your content instead of scrolling past it on the screen.

  • When to Quit Your Job
  • When the World Will End – It’s Closer Than You Think!
  • When Will Reality TV Die?


If you are writing about a location, answering the “where” question is one of your best strategies.

Where will my next vacation be?

  • Where to Get the Best Sushi in Sydney
  • Where to Camp in the National Parks
  • Where to Get Free eBooks


Do you know a six year old? “Why” is probably their favourite question.

Not much changes as we age. We want to know the root of a situation. We want to know the why.

  • Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Score
  • Why Your Diet May Be Killing You
  • Why No One Likes Your Book


We’re a DIY obsessed world. Follow up “how” with “to” and you have a dynamic duo that people will read and share with their friends. If it helps them, they’ll want to help others by passing it on. It all starts with the title.

  • How to Write a Killer Book Proposal in 45 Minutes
  • How To Make Money With Your Author Blog
  • How To Keep Your Inbox At Zero

The magic is these words don’t have to do with any sort of spell. Their magic lies in the fact that they answer the exact questions your readers are asking. Knowing your audience and what they will be looking for will help you not only write clickable titles but helpful content. Write to get clicks. It isn’t a bad thing.

I really hope this helped. Hey, have I missed anything here though? Drop me a note in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts. 

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