9 Reasons Your Website Is Failing to Lift Sales


Why Your Website Design Will Fail to Lift Sales Much (and What to Do Instead…)




There’s a lot to think about when planning a fresh, new website design:

  • Which products/services should be emphasised the most?
  • How should your story to be told?
  • What case studies should you select?
  • And, of course, is your brand accurately represented?

With all these details to consider, we often overlook the ultimate goal: to construct a website experience that draws in new prospects, develops interested and informed leads, and generates revenue. Check out the following tips to better understand my website strategy for keeping visitors engaged:


1. Make Sure Navigation is Intuitive


Is the flow of your site easy to understand? Does the information hierarchy make sense? Can a user quickly find what he/she is looking for without getting lost? Try to chart out specific paths that you want your website visitors to take. Then, design your website, so these prospects instinctively follow these paths.

2. Minimise the Number of Clicks Needed to Get the Information They’re Looking For:



We live in a day and age where the process of finding information is streamlined and practically instantaneous (thank you, Google). That being said, you don’t want to make visitors dig through pages of information that can help position you as a valuable resource. Before losing a prospective lead, make sure the most valuable content is accessible on just a couple clicks from your homepage.

3. Minimise Load Times



Time is of the essence when a prospect visits your page, and pages that load too slowly are often abandoned for other sites. High-resolution images, complex applications, and inadequate hosting are just some of the ways to slow down page load times and frustrate users. Don’t let your leads get away; test your current site with www.webpagetest.org.


4. Make it Readable



Your content (its tone, grammar, and substance) should align with your target audience and their level of understanding about your product or industry. Once you’ve created content that resonates with your audience, make it stand out on your page. Instead of using large blocks of text, break it up a bit and utilise your white space.


5. Include Great Visuals



Images, attractive colours, buttons that stand out… all of these things contribute to a site’s overall visual appeal. Remember, the more appealing your site is, the longer people will feel inclined to stay.


6. Include an Internal Search Function



With your prospects used to using lightning fast search engines to find information, an internal search function is a great way to help your prospects find exactly what they’re looking for, without having to search through irrelevant pages.


7. Adapt Your Site for Mobile Devices


With the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices at an all-time high (and still growing), websites aren’t just viewed on desktop computers anymore. More often than not, B2B prospects and other professionals are viewing your website on their smartphone or tablet. Give your website a responsive design so that all visitors will see a fine-tuned site across all devices and formats.



8. Make Your Offers Prominent



Websites should encourage visitors to act in some way. Your offers and other calls to action should be prominent on the home page and on all relevant secondary pages to increase your conversion rates and generate leads.


9. Check for Broken Links, Bugs, and Missing Information



Once your site is finished and ready to be released to the world, double check it for broken links, missing pages, missing images, bugs, and dead ends. While you’re at it, proofread your content and make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors. Not only will that allow your site to perform at its best, but it will add to your brand’s positive reputation.


Website usability is part art, part science and in taking the effort to provide an easy-to-use, appealing and swift user experience, you’re helping keep prospects on your site learning more about what you can do for them.


I really hope this helped. Hey, have I missed anything here though? Drop me a note in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts.

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