Online Entrepreneurs: When The “Bad Stuff” Happens

Welcome To The Online Marketing Strategies Podcast Show! I’m Phil Adair and it’s where I help you to fully understand online marketing so you can grow your business!

You have to love what you do folks. If you’re job is about as appealing as a visit to the proctologist, or do you feel like you’re living in a nightmare – one that you can’t wake up from?

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Revised and expanded to reflect significant scientific developments of the past 20 years, the second edition contains numerous new features: expanded content on anxiety; chapters on setting personal goals and maintaining progress; happiness rating scales; gratitude journals; innovative exercises focused on mindfulness, acceptance, and forgiveness; 25 new worksheets; and much more.

Mind Over Mood will help you:

*Learn proven, powerful, practical strategies to transform your life.

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*Set doable personal goals and track your progress (you can photocopy the worksheets from the book or download and print additional copies).

*Practice your new skills until they become second nature.

Believe in your ability to work things out… If you’re going through hell… keep going!


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