How To Create Ad Groups That Outsmart Your Competition

Ad Groups? What Are They – And How Do I Set Them Them Up Inside My AdWords Account For Success?

An ad group contains one or more ads that target a shared set of keywords. You set a bid, or price, to be used when an ad group’s keywords trigger an ad to appear. This is called a cost-per-click (CPC) bid.

Organise Your Account With Ad Groups

Organising your account allows you to better serve the right ads to the right customers, and it allows you to better track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. When people are searching online and they type a word or phrase, they’re looking for information that’s closely tied to those words.

For example, if Dave types digital cameras and he sees an ad for Camera tripods, he probably won’t click the ad. To show ads that are relevant to the searches of people you’re trying to reach, bundle related ads together with related keywords into an ad group. That way, all of your related ads can be shown to customers searching for similar things.

Organise Your Ad Groups

A common method for organising an AdWords account is to organise with a category or business goal in mind. For many businesses, the way your website is structured is a good place to start, where each ad group representing a different page or category on your site.

Ad groups can help ensure that your ads are relevant to your keywords. For example, for your camera campaign, you may want to create separate ads for digital cameras and compact cameras. You can create ad groups for each type of camera, each with its own set of focused, relevant keywords.

For example if it was a television campaign, you can also create an ad group for each type of television you sell, such as flat screen and plasma TVs. You can also set prices for individual keywords within the ad group.

How To Create An Ad Group:

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Under All campaigns, click the name of the campaign that you’d like to add an ad group to.
  • Click the Ad group’s tab.
  • Click the + Ad group button
  • On the “Create ad group” page that appears, follow the instructions to complete your new ad group (you’ll be given the chance to create an initial ad and its keywords).
  • Click Save ad group.

For instance, you are selling surfboards for both men and women. You set two different campaigns, one for men’s surf -boards and the other for women’s surfboards.

Let’s name them Men’s Surfboard Campaign and Women’s Surfboard Campaign. You have beginner’s surfboards, Intermediate Surfboards and Performance Surfboards for both men and women.

Now you create 3 ad groups based on these categories (Beginners, Intermediate and Performance) in both the campaigns.

Let’s name these 6 ad groups as:

• Men’s Beginners Surfboards
• Men’s Intermediate Surfboards
• Men’s Performance Surfboards

• Women’s Beginners Surfboards
• Women’s Intermediate Surfboards
• Women’s Performance Surfboards

Now you have 6 ad groups, each of them has two key components, ads, and keywords

How many keywords should be in my ad group?

The best rule of thumb is to use no more than 20 keywords per ad group. Sometimes you can get away with using a few more, but exceeding a 20 keyword limit is a sign that your ad copy isn’t matching the keyword being searched as closely as it could.

Strategies to optimise your ad groups:

• Identify an ad group per keyword group (theme)

• Add diverse titles and texts for your ads.

• Remember to integrate your keywords into the URL’s that will appear on your ads.

• Use a variety of targeting and ad extension options to the ad group theme.

Really hope this helped. Hey, have I missed anything here though? Drop me a note in the comments section below and let me know!

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