Greetings From Paradise (On The Road Again)

Hey folks, this is Phil Adair and you are listening to my Online Marketing Strategies Podcast Show. Welcome back if you are here for the first time, welcome, welcome, welcome. Where we talk about all things to do with escaping your nine to five, creating a business that you absolutely love, and having a far better lifestyle than you could ever possibly imagine.

Now I’m coming to you from a holiday destination today. I made the decision a few months ago. It’s crept up into my diary. I departed Sydney on the 25th of January. I have flown up to Manila, which is roughly seven and a half to eight hours flight time from Sydney, over night in Manila, and then I caught a two and a half hour flight across here to the island of Siargao, off the coast of the Philippines. My friend Robbie, it is his 60th birthday in a couple of days and there are lots of people flying in for this celebration.

He’s a pretty popular guy, extremely kind-hearted. Good friend, known him for many, many years and thought about it. Timing wasn’t great. I had just been away over Christmas and New Year up to Queensland’s Gold Coast and this is only a few weeks later, just decided then these are life experiences and he’s a great friend.

I suppose in a morbid kind of way – I don’t think any of us want to one day be on our deathbeds and say, oh, we should have gone to that birthday, that party, that special occasion. But we always found an excuse not to do it. I made that decision, and so far we’ve had a pretty good time. The weather here on the island has been kind of unusual. It’s been very, very windy. We are here for surfing. Primarily surfing and socialising, which involves eating a lot of food and drinking good wine and good beer and surfing for exercise during the day.

So hopefully we get some kind of balance out of that. But today I wanted to talk to you guys about what it is like to have your own online business and how it does really feel, and I think for me personally being away on holiday or vacation here in the Philippines, even though we’re on a very remote part of the island of Siargao, we still down in the lobby of the hotel in the breakfast dining area where the bar is, where the pool table is. We do have Wifi so I am able to function.

The connectivity is not what I would call world class. I think it’s safe to say the Philippines is as you know, especially in this part of the country, is fairly third world and the people here are just absolutely lovely. I don’t want to take anything away from them.

The infrastructure here is still working its way in if I could say that. I just wanted to say though that even on a remote location like here in the Philippine Islands that you can conduct business. I mean, I am recording this podcast from my hotel room. I will go down into the entertainment area that I just mentioned following this podcast and upload the episode to Libsyn, and all of you who are hearing this will know that that’s the process that I take for granted in Sydney with my high speed connection.

Here it’s a different situation, but it is achievable. Communications are reasonably good here with mobile phone infrastructure. There are a lot of people here. All the kids have got mobile phones. Everyone’s into their social media. I have witnessed pretty much everyone I see has got a good quality mobile.

I find that kind of reminds us that the technology that we now have that we enjoy is the internet is really starting to spread to every single corner of the world and there are more and more and more people online every day, and that makes us able to conduct our business online and for me that is a good thing.

For those of you out there who want to have your own online business and break away from the nine to five, this is one of the reasons we do it. We’re able to come away, just with our laptop, just with our phone. We can record a podcast. We can still send out blog posts, and we can create videos.

It’s a glimpse into the stability of an online business, being able to reach a lot of people, but also to breakaway from that routine of going to the same job, working for someone else, perhaps not being promoted in the business or shifted sideways, not enjoying it as you thought you might and wondering, is there anything else out there that I can do to make my life better?

Make my family’s life better? Yes. An online business is the way forward. I firmly believe in it. I love being an online entrepreneur. It’s changed my life immeasurably. I’m going to keep it fairly brief today because I’m going to go down and upload this before we all sit down for dinner this evening, so thanks again folks for tuning in. Phil Adair coming here to you live from my hotel room in the Philippines. I’m overlooking the ocean as a big storm is rolling in. The locals are friendly. The beer is cold and I will see you all in next week’s episode. Have a great week ahead. Go out there and do it.

Remember, progress really does equal happiness. As long as you’re doing something and you have some kind of output all during the day, it doesn’t matter how slow you are at it. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make, how much you feel like you’re not going anywhere. Just keep going. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there. Never give up. Just keep going. Just keep going. If it feels hard, it feels like you pushing it. It’s all uphill. Just keep going. Just keep going. Okay guys, I will talk to you in next week’s episode.

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