How To Start An Online Business (Part 2)

How To Start An Online Business (Part 2)

Online businesses can be some of the most profitable enterprises around. With low overheads and staff requirements, the potential to make money is huge. As the world population spends more of their hard-earned income online, the opportunity for entrepreneurs to build wealth from starting an online business is abundant.

But many online start-ups fail, so how you can you differentiate yourself and make a success? As an entrepreneur, you know the number one rule of business is to go where the customer is. And that means you must build an effective online presence.

With the boom of the Internet and social media has arisen a new category of entrepreneurship. An online business offers an unparalleled opportunity to run a business worldwide with only a laptop and an Internet connection. Starting and growing an online business, however, is easier said than done.

You can’t escape it… no matter what business you’re in these days, you need to have an online presence to be successful. In every industry and in every niche, no matter what product you sell or service you provide… whether your business is bricks-and-mortar or completely on the Internet… prospects and customers need to be able to find you online. They’re already looking for you… so make sure you’re not “hiding.”

As an entrepreneur, you know the number one rule of business is to go where the customer is. And that means you must build an effective online presence.

The great news is that you don’t have to be a web marketing expert or programmer—or hire someone who is extremely expensive—to get noticed on the Internet and bring more people to your offline store or e-commerce storefront.

There is a dangerous belief that the only way you can be successful is by committing your life to a nine to five career. It makes sense why you would believe that; you are told this by your parents, your teachers, your bosses. This is an outdated belief, and if you continue to live by it, you could wake up thirty years from now regretting how you spent your working days.

If you’re still committed to that belief but dread going to work every day, then I wrote this for you. The world is starved for a new way: a new kind of leader, a new kind of business, and ultimately, a new kind of life.

David Ogilvy, CBE, (1911–1999) is often described as the “father of advertising.” He founded New York agency Ogilvy & Mather in 1948, and his iconic campaigns include legendary adverts for Dove, Hathaway, Rolls Royce, and Guinness. Ogilvy’s best-selling book Confessions of an Advertising Man is still one of the most popular books on advertising.

The Unpublished David Ogilvy collects a career’s worth of public and private communications—memos, letters, speeches, notes, and interviews—from the “Father of Advertising” and founder of Ogilvy & Mather.

Still fizzing with energy and freshness more than twenty-five years after it was first published, its success outside the private circle of friends and colleagues it was created for was, in the words of one of its editors, “because so often he spoke out on important matters long before the crowd caught up to him; because all of what he says, he says so well; because so little of what he says in the book had ever before appeared in print.”

This is a business book unlike any other: a straightforward and incisive look at subjects such as salesmanship, management, and creativity, presented in Ogilvy’s trademark crisp prose. Whether carefully prepared for a lecture or as a private joke to a friend, his writing always underlines the importance of the rule “it pays an agency to be imaginative and unorthodox.”

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