7 Killer Facebook Ad Hacks To Sky Rocket Your Conversions



Facebook Ad Hack #1: Use High-Quality Ad Design

In the world of Facebook advertising, the adoption would read: “Keep your ad quality, copywriting, and standards high.”

No matter how good your ad copy or your bidding methods, a low-quality ad image can ruin all your other efforts. Without a high-quality ad design, your campaign’s almost certainly going to fail.

Creating a Facebook ad design that looks trustworthy and outstanding isn’t too difficult. You don’t need the black belt in Photoshop to put together a simple well-designed Facebook ad. I personally use Canva.com though if you’re creative juices have stalled, you can always find loads of good designers over at fiverr.com.

Tip: Make sure that your Facebook ad design is at least 1200 x 628 pixels wide, and that the colours look good on every screen.


Facebook Ad Hack #2: FB Messenger Ad Campaigns

Not really a Facebook Ads hack, but a huge opportunity nonetheless.

I’ve only seen two Facebook Messenger campaigns done well, so far. I don’t know if this is because I’m not in the target audience for those who are running them, or if there just aren’t any people running them yet. But, either way, this is a HUGE opportunity at the moment.

To put it in layman’s terms: You can use Facebook Messenger ads to get people to interact with your brand via Messenger. Then, once they’ve messaged your page, you can run ads to them that show up as messages in their FB Messenger. It’s a bit like building an email list, but within FB messenger.

Facebook Ad Hack #3: Rotate and Refresh

Ad fatigue refers to the phenomenon of people being unable to process your ad psychologically after viewing it multiple times. In the earlier days of internet marketing, this was referred to as banner blindness. Particularly if you’re targeting a smaller audience, you won’t have to wait long before your ad is shown to the same person numerous times. You can monitor this in the ‘Frequency’ tab in ads manager.

The more times a person sees an ad and takes no action, the less likely they are to convert. Yet, Facebook is still charging you every time the ad appears in the person’s newsfeed. This is verified in a study by Adspresso, which shows that when the ad frequency reaches 9, the average cost per click increases by 161% compared to the beginning of the campaign.

To combat this, I recommend refreshing your ad creative when your frequency is moving upwards and your KPIs are declining. A new headline or image can help to get your campaign back on track. Not sure where to find good ad images? Take a look through at my collection of free stock photo libraries, then add some text using Canva.

Alternatively, you can incorporate multiple ads (creatives) into your ad set from the beginning and rotate them. The more ads you have in your ad sets, the longer you will have to wait before your frequency starts creeping up.


Facebook Ad Hack #4: Present Social Proof

You wouldn’t trust a stranger coming to speak with you on the street. That’s how people who have never heard about your brand will feel about your Facebook ads. When targeting an entirely cold audience that hasn’t been to your website before, use various types of social proof to spark more trust:

  • Include numbers describing your product’s user number/benefits
  • Include testimonials from high-profile clients
  • Add client logos to your ad images


Facebook Ad Hack #5: Master the art of FOMO and urgency

If you’ve ever missed a flight or been the next person in the queue right when the store runs out of the thing you wanted, you know how bad this feels.

FOMO – the fear of missing out – haunts us every single day. To put FOMO to good use, you can write Facebook ad copy that makes readers think that everyone else is already using your product and they’re the last ones out.

By framing the question to make you think you’re the only one left out, this ad will get significantly more clicks than a similar one without the FOMO.

Tip: Another way to catch people’s attention and create a sense of urgency is to promote a limited-time offer. Nobody likes to miss out on a great offer.


Facebook Ad Hack #6: Keep It Simple

Writing a long ad copy to present all your product’s features and benefits isn’t always the best you can do. People won’t read your ad copy if it’s too long and full of irrelevant information. What they’re looking for is a quick answer whether they should click on the ad or not.

While Facebook allows up to 500 characters in the ad text, there’s no need to use all of it. Short and clear ad messages require less effort to be read, so people tend to like them more. For example, all the texts in this ad by NIKE are kept minimal. Instead of bragging about the greatness of their products, they let people look at the image and decide for themselves.


Facebook Ad Hack #7: Consolidate Your Ads, Don’t Duplicate Them

Within the Facebook Ads platform, when you run a new ad you can choose to duplicate an ad or use that ad’s (or post’s) ID. Most people are choosing to duplicate their ads because it’s more convenient.

But when you do this, you are harming your campaigns. Each time you duplicate an ad, you are taking social proof away from the initial post.

For example, say you have 10 ads, each one split off from the last, and each one got 10 engagements. They could be comments or likes, but you got 10 on each. That doesn’t make much of an impression. If someone looked at a post that only had 10 likes, do you think they’d be impressed? What if they saw a post or an ad with 100 combined likes and comments? That might encourage them to take a look if they have even the least bit of interest.

Now, if instead of duplicating you shared one single page or post, then all your social proof, both comments and likes, would be in one place. Consolidating these ads is pretty easy and something everyone should be doing.


Once you’re in “Business Manager” you need to navigate to “Page Posts.” Get the ID for what you want to use and use that ID when you create a new ad. This helps you aggregate all of that social proof in one place. It’s going to let you build up your ads faster and create a more enticing offer or page. With more social proof, what you’re saying looks more legit.

Over time, this will help you decrease costs in addition to improving your social proof. You’ll be running fewer ads, and each will be more effective. Putting all your attention in this one place will also help save you time.


Bonus Facebook Ad Hack: Create Retargeting Videos for Abandoned Checkouts

I have customers who have been on my websites and get all the way to the checkout page but, for some reason, don’t buy. In this situation, I’ve found that retargeting them with videos is an effective way to get them to convert:

So, when they choose not to go through with the checkout, they then see a video on Facebook about what it’s like to be a customer. The video is designed to help them see what they’ll be getting and the video format is ideal for getting this sort of personalized message across. That’s a great way to get them to rethink things and, ideally, become a customer.

In order to do this, you will have to have things set up so that you can track these impressions and see who abandoned their carts and so on. This is also a great strategy to combine with Facebook Messenger ads. With those ads, these things have already been put in place so that you can continue to monitor an interested party and re-target them as you see fit.

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