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Nearly all of us trying to earn a living are familiar with the 9-5 narrative. We are taught to equate happiness and fulfillment with professional success, accept that we must turn up to work, churn out our best effort, and keep smiling.

But what if we called all that into question? Is there a way to escape the corporate ladder and still live a substantial life? As it turns out, a lot of us think its possible.

Through his best-selling marketing courses – List Building Tornado and Google Ads Academy, thriving YouTube Channel and his Top-Ranked Podcast, Phil’s straight-talking, practical teaching style inspires online entrepreneurs with a definitive “I can do this” and escape the 9-5 for good.

He proves that even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate true momentum as they move closer to building a life and a business they love.

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